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:My World Cup record 3 England

World Cup group game second round fighting are launches, game gradually in-depth, World Cup also "Cup with" early now if said yesterday is "Americas day" words, that yesterday is traditional powers of "suffered day", day ear Mann chariot,buy fifa coins xbox and French warships was capsized, British battleship also lane of dusty, and nearly in the has "torpedo" and sank today early this morning, in one does not difficult playing of "encounters" in the, has more name top superstar of three lion Regiment, actually on recognized of group most weak opponents nothing, nearly rematch. Look, England and Algeria play 14 players during the first world war worth a total of 335 million euros, but the sum was worth only 39 million of the Algeria team zero ... ..., this is how "cups". Whether sitting in the stands in the box two United Kingdom Prince, still in the dugout watching "Heartthrob David Beckham, or even a long time out in the other net," watching "South Africa bird, unable to bring good luck, luck, back home!

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